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Cleaning and Safety Tips

How to prepare for your clean!
Here are a few tips to help you get prepared for your cleaning with The Clean Clique.

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How to prepare for your clean

Communicate! Provide alarm codes, information on pets and anything else about the house that we may need to know before arriving to ensure that nothing is missing. It’s also important to let us know in advance anything extra that you might need done such as an oven or refrigerator clean.

Let us know if you want dishes washed, garbage taken out, beds turned down or where you keep special cleaning materials you’d like us to use in advance of your clean

Pick up clutter – while we love to help tidy and organize, too much clutter can hinder our work. Organize papers and tidy up areas that could slow us down-find this too overwhelming, no worries, we can do the tidy-up and organization stuff as well!

Give us feedback! From very early on, we love feedback. If we haven’t met your needs, or especially if we have, we love to hear it! The only way we can ensure that your needs are met is if you let us know, so please do!

Mops we like and recommend

At The Clean Clique, we use all our own supplies from vacuum to eco-friendly products. The only thing we ask you provide is a mop, which is yours to keep, however, we happily take the dirty portion of the mop with us in order to wash it and make it ready for your next clean. We love Vileda mops for their affordability, the ease of use and how easy it is to clean with them. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Our absolute favourite mop is the Vileda Ultramax because it can be used on all floor types. With this mop, however, you will need to purchase the special bucket that goes with it.
  • We also really love the Vileda Super Twist mop. This mop is also good for most floors, but is not great for cork, laminate or dark wood. Once again there is a matching bucket available to quickly and easily wring this mop out.
  • Lastly, for dry mopping only, we recommend the Vileda Fibro Contact with microfibre.

Please note that laminate and cork floors should not be mopped with traditional water and cleanser as the excess water can do major damage to your floors over time.


Amazing Norwex Microfibre cloths

  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using water only!
  • Self purifies within 24 hours. When wet, our BacLock microsilver antibacterial agent self-cleanses it, drastically reducing mold, fungi an bacterial odor. Plus, you have to launder our cloths less often, saving you time and money.
  • 1/200 size of human hair- smaller fibres means better cleaning and why our microfibre can pick up to 99% of bacteria from a surface. These tiny microscopic threads are able to pick up almost everything from a surface.

To learn more about Norwex products and their amazing microfibre cloths click here.

Safety Precautions

When we’re at your home we want to do out best to get it sparkling and shiny for you but we also have to be careful and take care of ourselves and be mindful of your belongings. There are a few simple things you can do to help us with this…

  • Provide a stepping stool if you want something that is above a comfortable arms reach washed, dusted or tidied please make sure to provide a proper stepping stool. If there is a shelf we can kind of reach, but it has fragile items on it please provide a stool for this as well-we want to be careful of your items too.
  • Please put away any valuables in a safe/secure spot-especially small items like earrings or cufflinks. We are watching and careful as we go but sometimes when dusting things getting moved around and we would hate for them to get lost.
  • Please ensure pictures and art is securely attached to the walls…though accidents can happen and we will cover any cost to repair or replace items, taking the initial step to ensure they are hung properly may mean less hassle for everyone.
  • Please ensure our path and steps to your door (whatever path we normally use) are clear and safe during the snowy months…if we deem the path unsafe and are not able to get into your home we will not be able to complete our visit and the full charge will apply.

Regardless of how safe we are, accidents can happen, so ensuring that these steps are taken will help everyone’s peace of mind.

Safety Tip #1

Avoid using tub and tile cleaners that claim to be ‘scrub free’. They contain dangerous chemicals that can trigger asthma and heart problems and cause your eyes to burn. They’re just not worth it. We suggest a products such as “Nature Clean Tub and Tile Cleaner”.

Safety Tip #2

If you see mouse poop which looks like black rice, put on your safety mask and gloves. We aren’t kidding! Never handle mouse droppings without proper safety equipment. It’s dangerous. Mouse feces can carry diseases such as hanta virus, lymphocytic, horiomeningitis and leptospirosis. First spray it with a disinfectant like oxygen bleach or Benefect. Next, use a damp cloth to gather it up. Avoid vacuuming as it aerates the particles making them easier to inhale. Avoid touching it with your bare hands.

Safety Tip #3

Never mix bleach with amonia or any other acid, including vinegar. It will create deadly fumes and you may not make it out of the room. In fact, never mix any commercial cleaners together.


The Clean Clique has a history with Word Of Mouth being our main source of advertising…as a thank-you for this we reward our faithful and happy clients with a referral discount.

  • First referral-20% off
  • Additional referrals -10%
  • Let FB know how great we are, make a post on our FB page and get 5% off!
  • We’ll even reward you for sticking around…every year you’re part The Clique get 5% off, to a total of 25%

Enjoy 25% off your fourth visit based on your longer first visit total-our way of saying thanks for giving us a shot ?

Happy Customers

Shannon and her team are amazing! They’re warm, friendly and funky. Their attention to detail shows from every corner of my clean home. It brings cleaning into a hip new urban vibe. Who knew THAT was possible?!

Jodi, client since 2014

“Clean Clique has been our cleaner for the last several years. The staff members we’ve had have arrived in a timely manner (even during some challenging weather), done a great job on the cleaning, and are willing to make use of the cleaning products we supply. That ties into our specific needs – we need a cleaning service that is compatible with a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and there are not many of those. In part that means using our cleaning supplies to ensure they’re safe for our needs, but also that the person doing the cleaning doesn’t bring in chemicals and perfumes on their clothes. That’s a tough requirement, but Shannon and her staff have worked hard to accommodate us.”

Doug, client since 2011

“I just wanted to thank you so much – our house hasn’t looked this good since the last time you cleaned it. I knew the difference between what you do and the other services I’ve tried are vast, but after seeing how clean the house was yesterday, it is amazing. You made my day.”

Andrea, client since 2009

“I’ve been a customer of The Clean Clique for almost three years, and can’t imagine life without it. The service is friendly, accommodating, and professional, and the cleaning is sublime. There is nothing like coming home to a freshly-cleaned house, and The Clean Clique never disappoints. Shannon and her staff are wonderful, and they’ve got a very happy customer in me.”

Sammer, client since 2011

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